Monday, April 5, 2010

dora #1 and #2

two weeks in a row i had dora cakes to make. for dora #1, i worked with the customer to make a design that she liked and i knew that i could make with no trouble. after a friend saw that design, she requested a cake for her daughter's birthday the following weekend. dora #1 was very similar to other cakes that i have made. while i was very pleased with the cake, i was somewhat frustrated that i didn't push myself to do something different!
i quickly started researching and thinking of something that would push my skills and make me a little uncomfortable. i found a spiral cake that a woman did for a bike race. that was it! it seems like dora is always trying to make her way to the top of tall mountain! i had to make that mountain. i called the customer for dora #2 and luckily she was open to my idea. i feel so lucky when customers trust me enough to be creative. and here is the results of that trust.


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