Sunday, February 28, 2010

oreo cupcakes

if you say that you don't like oreos, i'd have to say you're lying. everyone loves them. some of us are just more vocal about it. i have honestly not had oreos in my house as long as i can remember. simply b/c if i did, they would maybe last 2 hours - 1 hour, if ryan was home.

shortly after deciding to start the cupcake part of my business, i knew i had to have an oreo cupcake on the menu. again, i had to get it right. if you bit in and didn't think, "milk's favorite cookie," then what was the point? my oreo cupcakes have crushed up oreos in the chocolate batter. i also found a fake out version of the actual stuffing, so i modified it to be spreadable. they came out just as i wanted them to. the cake even tastes like the chocolate cookie! these are by far my favorite. they are also a favorite of my kid taste testers. of course, that was a no brainer. the only people willing to admit their love of this sandwich cookie are under 12 years old.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

darla's strawberry cupcakes

i really want my cupcakes to be unique tasting desserts that you can't get anywhere else. i knew that i would be asked to make the traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and strawberry more often than anything else. my chocolate and vanilla are pretty good, but i needed to practice strawberry! plus, i had been wanting to try my aunt, darla's recipe for strawberry cake. it has fresh strawberries in it and is so, so good. again, although it does not have chocolate, it totally qualifies as dessert.

i actually had all the ingredients at the house - well, i had frozen - not fresh strawberries, and if you look closely, you can see that i used christmas mini cupcake liners. hey, it's all i had. in the first picture, i thought the green kind of made them look more strawberryer (my high school english teacher would love that word...). it also ended up being a nice accident, b/c i found out kids love them! they are just their size, plus they can get away with eating more. and so, my cupcake dots were born.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


one of my favorite desserts is a s'more. the only reason i go camping is b/c it's the one time that you can eat two or three of them and no one will judge you. it may seem hard to imagine, but i hate mosquitoes, sleeping on the ground, and dirt. i just put up with it b/c, really, what could be better than a toasty marshmallow smooched with melty chocolate between two graham crackers?

well, let me tell you, these s'more cupcakes come pretty darn close. i started doing some research on these little gems, but i couldn't find a good recipe where each flavor was given equal opportunity like in the original.

most s'more cupcakes are made with a chocolate cake (really? cake can't melt all over your hands!), little to no graham (hello! the cracker is the whole reason a s'more works!), and a marshmallow stuffed in the middle - undetected (b/c it melts away the second it hits the oven). it's embarrassing that people think this would be good enough for...the s'more. i decided - no, i needed to create a new version.

i knew i had to get a hershey bar in that cake, more graham cracker, and marshmallow that would get all over your fingers! luckily, i found an old recipe for a graham cracker cake. i was worried, b/c this recipe was not much more than your typical graham cracker pie crust. i crossed my fingers and started making the cake. before putting the cakes in the oven, i hid squares of hershey bar in the cups. again, i crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't melt unrecognizable, slid them in the oven, and started on the marshmallow frosting!

i'm not one for bragging, but these cupcakes warrant it! i created a s'more cupcake deserving of the name.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

orange banana - the first cupcakes

i have had quite a few requests for cupcakes, but i was never really interested in making them. a regular size cake is time consuming. i just kept imagining myself surrounded by little tiny cakes and spending hours on each one.

yesterday, we had some overly ripe bananas in the house. (this rarely happens, by the way. my 21 month old would eat 3 bananas in a sitting if allowed.) i usually make banana bread with these rarities, but this time i chose to make...cupcakes!

i wanted to do pretty cupcakes. the kind that you would imagine martha stewart making. i wanted them to have that cute little peek at the top and something delicately scattered on top. i decided to do a little experimenting...

i'm usually very adventurous when making dinner, but never in my baking. my mom always taught me that baking was a science. it made me a little intimidated to bake outside of the cake mix box. for some reason on this day i was feeling confident, and i'm glad, b/c these cupcakes turned out so good.

orange banana cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting! my husband, ryan thought they tasted like orange cinnamon rolls. i've always said, "it's not dessert unless it has chocolate." however, these definitely qualify as dessert.

i sent them to work with ryan and one of his co-workers said, "if you were to put one of those cupcakes on your head, your tongue would beat the sh*t out of your face trying to reach it!" i guess that means i'm in the cupcake business!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

senior serve birthday cake

texas city high school has a fundraiser called senior serve. businesses and people can buy a table or seat to this event where the seniors each have a table assigned to them that they can decorate however they like. it's a very cute way for them to raise money for their senior night on the town.

i have a family friend that is a senior this year and b/c her birthday was a few days before senior serve, she decided to do a birthday party themed table.
she had these specific colors in mind for the cake. i had a hard time trying to decide on a design that didn't make the cake look like it was designed for a circus. i knew that her table was going to look so cute, and i really didn't want the cake to take away from it - it was going to be the centerpiece!

i spent an entire ugly betty episode trying different ideas out. i finally ended up with something based on the design of my wedding cake that my mom made! i really like the way this cake turned out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

let me catch you up

here are some cakes that i have made in the past...

first birthday cake made to match the party's theme

this is the smash cake that i made for the birthday girl. it was my very first attempt at all buttercream. i think i called my mom 12 times while making it.
rubix cube for an 80s themed birthday party

christmas barrel cake


this was my son's first birthday cake. i wanted it to be a collaboration between me and my mom. after all, she made all my birthday cakes! i made the number one and my mom recreated my son's favorite toys out of cereal treats and fondant.

elmo birthday cake

mike from monsters, inc.

for a high school graduate going to ut

i was very disappointed with myself after making this cake. i want everything on my cakes to be edible. however, i was having such a hard time with the mortor board! i ended up using foam board. thankfully, the customers were very happy with it, and that is what really counts.

baby shower cake - this was my first attempt at making flowers.

i made this cake for my husband to bring to work on his birthday.

baby cake with the baby's initial

this was created to match the birthday boy's favorite toy.

baby shower cake with cute little baby feet

this was one of my first cakes. i often see these cute little mice around christmas. they are made with a chocolate covered cherry and a hershey kiss.

this was the second cake that i attempted to make. it was for my mom's birthday.

this cake says, "it started with a...kiss." ironically, eat more cake started with this cake! i made this for my girlfriend's bachelorette/wedding shower. i had so much fun making it, i couldn't stop!

Friday, February 12, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

...well sort of. while eat more cake bakery is still on facebook, i have so many problems with that account. now everyone in the world can see my desserts, which hopefully will mean more business. *hint hint*

i will try to maintain both accounts until i see which works best for me.

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