Saturday, March 6, 2010

bananas foster cupcakes

last week i found myself starring at more overly ripe bananas. what is the deal? this is unprecedented in our house! i'm not sure where the idea for bananas foster cupcakes came from, but it wasn't long before i was researching. i only found 2 recipes, and both of them didn't look good. so, i modified them - alot.

now, i have only ever had bananas fosters once, and it was horrible. so, i was really kind of walking into this new flavor blindly. one afternoon i packed up my baking supplies and went to my mom's house. i knew i had to put some bananas on fire, and i wasn't doing that at my house!

i'm not sold on putting this flavor on my menu yet. it's quite involved and calls for expensive ingredients. however, i'll have to figure something out, because they are awesome!


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