Sunday, February 28, 2010

oreo cupcakes

if you say that you don't like oreos, i'd have to say you're lying. everyone loves them. some of us are just more vocal about it. i have honestly not had oreos in my house as long as i can remember. simply b/c if i did, they would maybe last 2 hours - 1 hour, if ryan was home.

shortly after deciding to start the cupcake part of my business, i knew i had to have an oreo cupcake on the menu. again, i had to get it right. if you bit in and didn't think, "milk's favorite cookie," then what was the point? my oreo cupcakes have crushed up oreos in the chocolate batter. i also found a fake out version of the actual stuffing, so i modified it to be spreadable. they came out just as i wanted them to. the cake even tastes like the chocolate cookie! these are by far my favorite. they are also a favorite of my kid taste testers. of course, that was a no brainer. the only people willing to admit their love of this sandwich cookie are under 12 years old.


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