Tuesday, February 16, 2010

let me catch you up

here are some cakes that i have made in the past...

first birthday cake made to match the party's theme

this is the smash cake that i made for the birthday girl. it was my very first attempt at all buttercream. i think i called my mom 12 times while making it.
rubix cube for an 80s themed birthday party

christmas barrel cake


this was my son's first birthday cake. i wanted it to be a collaboration between me and my mom. after all, she made all my birthday cakes! i made the number one and my mom recreated my son's favorite toys out of cereal treats and fondant.

elmo birthday cake

mike from monsters, inc.

for a high school graduate going to ut

i was very disappointed with myself after making this cake. i want everything on my cakes to be edible. however, i was having such a hard time with the mortor board! i ended up using foam board. thankfully, the customers were very happy with it, and that is what really counts.

baby shower cake - this was my first attempt at making flowers.

i made this cake for my husband to bring to work on his birthday.

baby cake with the baby's initial

this was created to match the birthday boy's favorite toy.

baby shower cake with cute little baby feet

this was one of my first cakes. i often see these cute little mice around christmas. they are made with a chocolate covered cherry and a hershey kiss.

this was the second cake that i attempted to make. it was for my mom's birthday.

this cake says, "it started with a...kiss." ironically, eat more cake started with this cake! i made this for my girlfriend's bachelorette/wedding shower. i had so much fun making it, i couldn't stop!


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