Saturday, February 20, 2010

senior serve birthday cake

texas city high school has a fundraiser called senior serve. businesses and people can buy a table or seat to this event where the seniors each have a table assigned to them that they can decorate however they like. it's a very cute way for them to raise money for their senior night on the town.

i have a family friend that is a senior this year and b/c her birthday was a few days before senior serve, she decided to do a birthday party themed table.
she had these specific colors in mind for the cake. i had a hard time trying to decide on a design that didn't make the cake look like it was designed for a circus. i knew that her table was going to look so cute, and i really didn't want the cake to take away from it - it was going to be the centerpiece!

i spent an entire ugly betty episode trying different ideas out. i finally ended up with something based on the design of my wedding cake that my mom made! i really like the way this cake turned out.


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