Tuesday, February 23, 2010


one of my favorite desserts is a s'more. the only reason i go camping is b/c it's the one time that you can eat two or three of them and no one will judge you. it may seem hard to imagine, but i hate mosquitoes, sleeping on the ground, and dirt. i just put up with it b/c, really, what could be better than a toasty marshmallow smooched with melty chocolate between two graham crackers?

well, let me tell you, these s'more cupcakes come pretty darn close. i started doing some research on these little gems, but i couldn't find a good recipe where each flavor was given equal opportunity like in the original.

most s'more cupcakes are made with a chocolate cake (really? cake can't melt all over your hands!), little to no graham (hello! the cracker is the whole reason a s'more works!), and a marshmallow stuffed in the middle - undetected (b/c it melts away the second it hits the oven). it's embarrassing that people think this would be good enough for...the s'more. i decided - no, i needed to create a new version.

i knew i had to get a hershey bar in that cake, more graham cracker, and marshmallow that would get all over your fingers! luckily, i found an old recipe for a graham cracker cake. i was worried, b/c this recipe was not much more than your typical graham cracker pie crust. i crossed my fingers and started making the cake. before putting the cakes in the oven, i hid squares of hershey bar in the cups. again, i crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't melt unrecognizable, slid them in the oven, and started on the marshmallow frosting!

i'm not one for bragging, but these cupcakes warrant it! i created a s'more cupcake deserving of the name.


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