Sunday, February 21, 2010

orange banana - the first cupcakes

i have had quite a few requests for cupcakes, but i was never really interested in making them. a regular size cake is time consuming. i just kept imagining myself surrounded by little tiny cakes and spending hours on each one.

yesterday, we had some overly ripe bananas in the house. (this rarely happens, by the way. my 21 month old would eat 3 bananas in a sitting if allowed.) i usually make banana bread with these rarities, but this time i chose to make...cupcakes!

i wanted to do pretty cupcakes. the kind that you would imagine martha stewart making. i wanted them to have that cute little peek at the top and something delicately scattered on top. i decided to do a little experimenting...

i'm usually very adventurous when making dinner, but never in my baking. my mom always taught me that baking was a science. it made me a little intimidated to bake outside of the cake mix box. for some reason on this day i was feeling confident, and i'm glad, b/c these cupcakes turned out so good.

orange banana cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting! my husband, ryan thought they tasted like orange cinnamon rolls. i've always said, "it's not dessert unless it has chocolate." however, these definitely qualify as dessert.

i sent them to work with ryan and one of his co-workers said, "if you were to put one of those cupcakes on your head, your tongue would beat the sh*t out of your face trying to reach it!" i guess that means i'm in the cupcake business!


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